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This is not meant to be an ego trip, but rather a site for research and entertainment for fans of Indiana sports.

I have included articles from my writing career with every publication or website aside from the Indianapolis Star, which has not (yet) granted permission for me to re-publish them. I'm working on that and remain hopeful, but also realistic.

I've also posted 271 podcasts from my radio program, "One on One with Mark Montieth" which ran from 2009-15 on 1070 The Fan and won first place in a state broadcasting competition the one year the station got around to entering it. Actually, there are 270 podcasts, because my copy of Part 2 of my conversation with former Pacer Scot Pollard is corrupted. I'll try to replace it with another podcast with him, uninhibited by FCC regulations and a one-hour time slot.

I also have included an uncut and updated version of my book Passion Play, an insider's account of the Purdue basketball team's 1987-88 season, when it won the Big Ten title outright and was ranked No. 1 in the country in some polls. I've restored sections that were deleted because of space considerations, and will continually update it to resume the stories of the characters involved in that season. And trust me, there were some characters.

I'll continue adding to the site's content, with more feature stories, audio and video clips and whatever else I find that might be of interest to Indiana sports fans as time goes on -- which it surely will.

Some of the content on this site will be free. Such as my shooting video, because nobody should have to pay to watch me shoot a basketball. Most of the content, however, will be available only to subscribers. If that sounds greedy, please consider it represents decades of labor, hours and hours of effort to make available here and no small amount of money. I don't want to make the same mistake newspapers made, namely giving away their content free of charge and somehow expecting it to turn out well.

I believe $19.95 is a good value for the expanded version of a book, hundreds of podcasts, dozens of stories and several audio and video clips.

Feel free to respond with questions or comments here, or to