Radio broadcast of Game 7 of the 1973 ABA finals between the Pacers and the Colonels

I obtained this recording from Joe McConnell, who was in his first season as the Pacers' play-by-play voice in the 1972-73 season when they won their third championship.

While recording a One on One episode with Joe, available on this website, he told me he had a recording of the Game 7 broadcast in his home. Much to his credit, he had the foresight to have someone back at the station run a reel-to-reel recorder during the broadcast to save it for posterity. He had the tapes, in several boxes in closet in a spare bedroom at his home on the south side of Indianapolis. I went out to visit and obtained them, along with his recording of the fake football broadcast he had brilliantly put together in the mid-Seventies.

The second half of this broadcast includes the radio commercials. For those who remember them, they are a great element of the nostalgia of this broadcast.

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