Reggie Miller’s first and last field goals

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  • Reggie Miller played 18 seasons for the Pacers. A lot of things can happen in a career over that time span. And they certainly did.

    He began his NBA life as a backup guard behind John Long, a first-round draft pick who started just one game in his rookie season. His debut came on Nov. 6, 1987 in the Pacers' season opener at Philadelphia. He entered the game late in the first quarter. He took his first shot - and hit it - early in the second. It was a two-point field goal, with both feet a couple of inches across the three-point line. He went on to score 10 points in the game - a solid debut, but not one that would have inspired predictions of what was to come.

    His final field goal came on May 19, 2005, in a playoff loss to Detroit.  Appropriately, it was a crucial three-pointer that got the Pacers within three points. He took two more shots, both three-pointers, after that one. One was blocked, and the final one missed. After a Pacers foul to stop the clock, and with the outcome settled, he was subbed out to a standing ovation and tears from the home fans. Detroit coach Larry Brown called a timeout to extend the ovation.

    Here's his first field goal from Philadelphia:

    Here's the last one, from Bankers Life Fieldhouse:



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