The best possession in Pacers’ history

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  • There are well over 100 offensive possessions in an NBA game and the Pacers have been playing games for more than 50 seasons.

    So, you can only imagine how many times their versions of a team have brought the ball upcourt and tried to score a basket. Hundreds of thousands of times. Playoffs included, it would have to be well over half a million.

    And yet, as crazy as it sounds, one stands alone as the best. Not only for execution, but for impact.

    Travis Best’s three-pointer with 16.5 seconds left in Game 5 (out of five) of their first-round playoff series with Milwaukee on May 4, 2000 ignited their one and only run to the NBA Finals. It stands as the biggest shot in franchise history, and it so happens it came at the conclusion of a peerless possession, a clinic of halfcourt execution under extreme pressure.

    Take a look:

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