Bill York

  • Pacers
  • He’s led the Pacers stat crew from Day One of the franchise. Before Day One, really. He was there for the original call-out for talent, when guys came in off the street to try to earn a professional basketball contract, and kept stats for the scrimmages.

    He’s been with the Pacers ever since, directing a crew that has grown along with the technology. In the early years he sat courtside and typed running play-by-play on a typewriter, then ran it off along with box scores from a mimeograph machine in a makeshift press room at the Fairgrounds Coliseum. In later years he mostly stayed  in a backroom at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, printing out the stats from a computer.

    He’s been an integral part of Pacers history and remained a beloved figure among those who worked with him beyond his retirement. He moved to Tennessee in 2021 to be closer to his daughter, but won’t be forgotten.

    First aired 2013

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