Bobby Unser Part 1

  • Indianapolis 500
  • I had never met him, and we had to do this one over the telephone, but he made it seem like we were old friends. He’s a natural talker and a colorful personality with a lifetime of stories to tell, so it’s difficult to go wrong under those circumstances. I had to go with two episodes; it would have been impossible for me (and unfair to you) to edit it down to one.

    I did meet him briefly a couple of weeks later, when I dropped off CDs of the shows at his RV in the infield lot at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I can only imagine the stories you’d hear if he had a few beers in him and no microphone near him.

    He was an outstanding broadcast analyst, I thought, but he doesn’t seem the type to go to meetings and work for a big corporation. He was one of the “cowboy” drivers, the kind that don’t seem to exist any longer in Indy Car racing.

    First aired 2011

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