Chris Kramer

  • Purdue basketball
  • I only covered a few of Kramer’s college games, but you couldn’t help but notice him throughout his career at Purdue. He was the kind of player Purdue fans like to think is their prototype: hard-working and overachieving.

    Kramer wasn’t a particularly good ballhandler. Or shooter. Or passer. But he got by nicely with hustle and defense. Matt Painter named him the team captain his sophomore season, and he held on to that honor throughout the rest of his career. Purdue was headed toward a possible Final Four berth when Kramer was a senior until Rob Hummel blew out his knee at Minnesota.

    He’s played overseas since this conversation, and has operated a basketball camp in his hometown, Huntington. He’ll likely be in basketball forever, one way or another.

    First aired: 2010

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