Darren Collison

  • Pacers
  • I hadn’t been around the Pacers much recently when we had this off-season telephone conversation and had never met him, but he was willing to spend an hour on the telephone with a stranger to tell his life story. It’s a good one, too. His parents were elite track athletes in Guyana, and he obviously inherited their athleticism.

    Collison was thought to be the point guard of the Pacers’ future at the time of this conversation, but George Hill eventually beat him out and made him expendable. He has since played a season for Dallas, a season for the Clippers and a season for Sacramento, bringing his total to five NBA teams in six years. Clearly, something from his game is missing – probably defense. Still, he’s a good player with a good story, so we don’t judge. Give him credit, he’s surviving in a league where 6-footers usually have a short shelf life.

    First aired 2011

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