Drew Storen

His father, local media celebrity (and fellow One on One alum) Mark Patrick brought him by the studio before they headed over to an event at Lucas Oil Stadium. Drew’s like his dad, a natural communicator, so this one was easy.

I remembered him as a little kid, coming into the press room at Market Square Arena with his father at Pacers games. It would have been difficult to predict then he would become a standout Major League Baseball pitcher.

I was a bit taken aback when I first saw him at the station. For some reason I expected him to be bigger, more physically imposing. Storen has done it without supernatural athleticism. He’s learned the mechanics of pitching and he outsmarts opponents. His dad did a great job of providing direction, in many ways putting on a clinic of how to raise a professional athlete.

Listen for the story of “Big Frank.” You’ll be entertained.

First aired 2012

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