Rosevelt Colvin

  • Purdue football
  • From humble beginnings, he grew into a great player at Purdue and a longtime contributor to the Patriots. He has the rings to prove it.

    The son of educators, maturity was one of his primary assets. He worked a concession stand at Colts games as a kid, and nearly finished his career with the Colts, too.

    This was another one of those conversations I conducted over the telephone despite talking with someone in the same city. I think if he had been more familiar with the show and realized what a juggernaut it was becoming (ha), he would have come down to the studio or met me somewhere.

    Doesn’t really matter. He had a great NFL career as a fourth-round draft pick who won two Super Bowl rings with New England. He’s now leading a productive life after football, as a business owner and staying involved in youth athletics in Indianapolis.

    First aired 2010

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