Ryan Kerrigan

  • Purdue football
  • College athletes are often difficult sources for an hour-long show, because they haven’t been around long enough to have a lot of experiences. Kerrigan is an example. He had just finished a standout career at Purdue at the time of this conversation, but things had gone pretty smoothly for him. There was no difficult childhood, and no Rob Hummel-like knee injury, for example.

    Kerrigan wasn’t highly recruited out of high school in Muncie, but became an All-American for the Boilermakers after setting a Big Ten record for forced fumbles and was a first-round draft pick of Washington.

    We did this one by phone. It would have been easier and better to do it in person, but he was busy at the time. If I remember correctly, I had to call him back a second time to tie up a couple of loose ends and fill out the required length. He’s having a standout career with Washington, so it would be a breeze today. Maybe I should have been more patient.

    So far he’s had the misfortune of being a great player on losing teams, both at Purdue and with Washington. He deserves better.

    First aired 2011

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