“The Gambler”

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  • This person, a friend of mine, didn’t want his name publicized, but he wanted to tell his story of gambling addiction. It’s a powerful reminder of the havoc the vice can have on people and their families, and should be heard by anyone with a gambling issue, or who knows someone with a problem.

    I’ve often thought if I ever become addicted to anything, it would be gambling. I’m competitive and optimistic (most of the time), and that’s a bad combination when you’re gambling. I’ve lost my share of money in casinos, won some, too, but never let it get out of hand. I can sympathize with those who do, however, and this is a cautionary tale.

    He works with Gamblers Anonymous today, making the best of his previous addiction. And I can report he continues to stay clean, avoiding the temptations.

    First aired 2011

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