16 Answered Prayers

Two games up, with four to go. For the coaches, it was hard to believe. A win over a weak Wisconsin team on the road and another over Michigan at home, and the Big Ten race was history. Then, there would be the uncommon luxury of going to Ohio State and not having to care what happened before returning home to play a losing Minnesota team in the seniors’ final home game. That would be the perfect launching pad for the NCAA tournament.

Two games, Coach,” Stallings said to Keady at Monday morning’s coaches meeting, clapping his hands. “It’s a two-game season. We win two, we go to Ohio State and we can start Berning and Tony Jones and Billy Reid and give our starters a break.”

Yeah, and tell ’em to shoot three-pointers,” Keady said, tongue-in-cheek.

And tell them, `We want no simulation of offense, tonight, we just want you to jack it,’” Stallings added, one-upping the boss.

That’s not going to happen, so you can forget that,” Keady said.