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  • Welcome to my website. I hope you'll find it's worth the lifetime subscription fee of $19.95. I'll constantly be adding content as we go along -- stories, podcasts, audio and videos, along with the occasional blog. Your feedback and questions are always welcome, either at the bottom of each entry here or at my email address: mark@markmontieth.com.

    If you're the old-fashioned type, or owe me money, the mailing address for this website is P.O. Box 346, Fishers, IN, 46038.

    5 thoughts on “Welcome

      1. Mark Montieth

        Thank you, Bruce! Appreciate your interest. It's an off-the-wall idea, but I want these stories to always be available to people.

    1. eah3sai

      Hi Mark, I found your site and always enjoyed your writing (and still do on the Pacer's website). I have been a life long Pacer fan, and my favorite player was Billy Keller. My first stories to read and listen to on your site, were on Billy Keller, and I enjoyed them very much and look forward to the rest of the information on your site. I had a question for you, could you give me more information on the end of Billy's playing days? I know he retired after having knee trouble but do not know much after that. I know he tried to come back the following year and was the final cut of the team. Can you give me any more insight on what happened in his comeback try? Thanks, and keep up the great work you do !

      1. Mark Montieth

        Did I ever respond to this question. Sorry if I did not. Let me know and I will.

    2. pdonahoe

      Hey Mark,

      Congratulations on the website! I've signed up as lifetime member. Looking forward to getting caught up on all of the "One on One's"!


      Pete Donahoe

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